OLAN Ultrafine Solid Glass Beads are Ultra fine size, solid, uncoated transparent glass beads used as a filler. The average diameter of particle size is 6-20microns, and top size is 15-30microns. They have smooth surface with roundness of min. 90%, and whiteness of 88 -100. They are like white powder by visual inspection. They have the features of perfect scratch and abrasion resistance, high compressive strength, improving fluidity and ease of application in different applications due to their shape like polyester coating. They can be also available with or without surface treatment. They perform better integration into various systems of resins, polymers and binders. Olan Ultrafine Solid Glass Beads are suitable for wood coatings (sealers) and varnishes with shelf life of 24 months.  

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Olan Ultrafine Solid Glass Beads MC10

Olan Ultrafine Solid Glass Beads MC15

Olan Ultrafine Solid Glass Beads MC20

Olan Ultrafine Solid Glass Beads MC30