Magic Sand


Magic Sand/Space Sand/Mould sand 

Sand in motion! 

Squish it! Shape it! Mold it! 

Never dry out! 

Feels like beach sand. Molds like clay.


Applicable scope : Educational toys. Developmental toys. Not suitable for use under very humid environment, and only suitable for indoor play ;

Features : Sand without taste ; Non Stick Hand ; Does not fade ; Can be used repeatedly.

It Magic Sand, Not Clay, Not Playdough, Not Fimo, Not Plasticene;


Package:  500g / PP Bags

Color: Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow,Orange,Natural, Pink,or as per client's request


1.Never dry, No mess.Don't spread all over, Don't eat, and suitable for over 3years children;

2.Easy to shape.

3.Looks and feels like wet sand,play like play-doh

4.Let it flow through your fingers and feels like it's alive.

5.It oozes,moves and melts right before your eyes just like a slow moving liquid.

6.Wheat,gluten and casein free,safe,non-toxic

7.Please allow slight color difference and weight loss.