Glass Beads for Plastics and Resins

Glass Beads of size 710 microns and below are being used as a reinforcement filler in the plastic industry. Depending on he job, bigger sizes are also being used. Spherical shape gives better stress patterns than the irregular shaped particles conventionally used. Glass beads are easily and uniformly dispersed throughout the plastic compound and produce smooth flowing compound which distributes itself evenly, so that all parts of any shaped moulding can be reinforced. Reinforcement with Glass beads will improve the tensile strength, reduce elongation, increase flexural modulus and in some plastics, triple the compressive strength of the finished product.

Given below are few examples of Glass beads being used in plastics :

In adhesives to increase the bond strength.
In fiberglass-epoxy laminates for improved flexural strength.
In moulded phenolic motor housings for good insulation.

In polyesters, using silver coated beads for moulding electrical conductors.