Glass Beads for Censer

Glass Beads for Censer(Incense Burner)

These glass beads are the substitute of sand or rice in Incense Burner.
Glass is described as one of Buddha's seven treasures which decorate paradise. Seven treasures include gold, silver, tridachna gigas, agate, coral and pear in Buddhist scriptures.
The incense can be easily put in Incense Glass Beads. Also the beads are unbreakable and used permanently because they don't absorb moisture like rice and sand.
The best benefit of Incense Glass Beads is that they are helpful for health because they emit the ultrared rays at a certain temperature degree.
The use of Incense Glass Beads can also be made for crystal vases with artificial flowers in a Buddhist Sanctum. Incense Glass Beads make Sanctum more elegant and dignified.


Packing: 1kg or 5kgs 

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