Glass Beads for Grinding

Glass Beads for Abrasives
Glass Beads for Grinding

Glass Beads for Grinding is non-metallic, multi-purpose for agrochemistry, coloring, pigments/ dyes, paint, chemicals and minerals.


Grinding Glass Beads are bubble-free glass grinding beads with a density of 2.5 kg/l. They are especially recommended for wet grinding applications in the low to medium viscosity range. This is also true for applications for which the use of high-quality zirconium oxide grinding beads is no real alternative due to the high costs.

Chemical Composition(by weight) :

SiO2 72%

Na2O 13%

CaO 9%

MgO 4%

Al2O3 <0.6%


Others Rest

Mechanical properties:

Densitiy 2.4-2.6kg/l


Bulk density 1.5kg/l


0.1-0.2mm,  0.2-0.4mm,

0.4-0.6mm,  0.6-0.8mm,

0.8-1.0mm,  1.0-1.5mm,

1.5-2.0mm,  2.0-2.5mm,

2.5-3.0mm,  3.0-3.5mm,

3.5-4.0mm,  4.0-4.5mm,

4.5-5.0mm,  5.0-6.0mm


Net 25kgs/plastic woven bag with PE liner, 40bags/pallet, 20tons/20'FCL