Precise Glass Beads

Precise glass beads are suitable for bearing-balls and ball-valves of sprayers in cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors due to its nontoxic,antiseptic and economic merits.Precise glass beads beyond the catalong can also be processed in with orders.
2mm±0.02         2.5mm±0.02      3mm±0.02

3.5mm±0.02      4mm±0.02            4.5mm±0.02

                                                 5mm±0.02    5.5mm±0.02            6mm±0.02

6.5mm±0.02            7mm±0.02           7.5mm±0.02            8mm±0.02 

8.5mm±0.02   9mm±0.02   9.5mm±0.02   10mm±0.02
11mm±0.02   12mm±0.02     13mm±0.02    14mm±0.02

15mm±0.02           16mm±0.02              17mm±0.02            18mm±0.02

19mm±0.02           20mm±0.02              21mm±0.02            22mm±0.02

23mm±0.02           24mm±0.02              25mm±0.02            26mm±0.02

27mm±0.02           28mm±0.02              29mm±0.02            30mm±0.02