Darker Glass Beads produced by Coking Gas

Darker Glass Beads Produced by Coking Gas


Recently, there comes one new types of glass beads in the market of reflective glass beads, that is Darker Glass Beads Produced by Coking Gas.


It is known that, Natural Gas is raw material for producing glass beads,but the goverment limits the natural gas,so only a few companies can get natural gas resourses. Most of glass beads companies can not get the natural gas. Thus, they have been looking for another gas instead of Natural Gas. Finally, they find it out since last year. That is Coking Gas, which is recycled gas from coking plant. The glass beads produced with coking gas are darker than glass beads with Natural gas, and there are much more bubbles in the glass beads. You can find the difference when you see them together.
However, because of lower cost of coking gas, the price of glass beads with coking gas is lower than that with natural gas. Some customers who only like low price and low quality perfer the darker glass beads very much, they don't care the colour.
What do you think of it? If you also like the darker glass beads with coking glass beads, please let us know. but we will never recommand it.
See the following photos of normal glass beads and glass beads with coking gas