Consumption of Glass beads


Glass beads are used to add reflectivity to traffic or marking paint. They are to be sprinkled on the surface of wet paint as soon after application as possible. Use about 5-6 pounds of glass beads for every one gallon of paint.


Our 50 lb bags of reflective glass beads are designed to be added to the surface of traffic paint to make it retro-reflective. The addition of these glass spheres has a dramatic effect on the night time visibility of stripes and markings. Recommended rate of application is 6 pounds per gallon of traffic paint. The beads are to be sprinkled ON TOP of wet paint or hot thermoplastic. They provide a sharp degree of reflectivity in wet or dry conditions. These are the same beads you will see at night on interstate highway lines. The glass beads can also be used in a variety of other applications where reflectivity is desired. Whenever they are distributed on top of wet paint the surface becomes reflective.