23 th (Kunming)China Perlite Technical Conference

 23 th (Kunming)China Perlite Technical Conference Invitation letter

Date: 16 to 18—June -2011
Venue: Yunnan Kunming International Exhibition Center
Sponsorship: China Perlite Association
In recent years, Perlite has been used for many industries as a kind of basic raw material. With the development of the new processing and assistant material technology, perlite play very important role in such sections: architecture, agriculture, stock raising, infrastructure, medical, sanitary, environment protection, energy and so on.
In 21st century, perlite in our country maintain fast increase rate and becomes wonderful industry in China building materials industry. In order to meet the demand of the companies to exchange perlite information and development of their business, China Perlite Association set up one large business platform- China Perlite Technical Conference
China Perlite Technical Conference has been organized 23 times. The active market attracts more and more people to participate our show. The scale of the trade fair becomes bigger and bigger. China Perlite Technical Conference has been changed into an open platform for perlite industry.
Event Profile
China Perlite Technical Conference is successfully organized by China Perlite Association. This Exhibition has attracted the attention of the manufacturers in China and overseas. Many visitors attend the exhibition including manufacturers, suppliers and users, Government officers, and decision makers in various fields. In this conference all the display are relative about new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new products, and new uses of perlite industry and all the booth for the exhibitor is free. The development of China’s perlite industry has benefited from China’s reform and opening up policy, as well as from its extensive cooperation with the global perlite industry. Cooperation will shape a win-win situation which will develop China’s own market as well as the multinationals themselves. This is an excellent opportunity for you to join this industry successfully!!!
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