Foil and Leaf Products 

Knabel Enterprises

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Enter the number needed for each type of foil and press the "Add/View" button at the bottom of the page.         
Item # Description Price Quantity
1 Silver Foil  25 sheets. Heavy enough to cut with scissors.


silverfoil.jpg (31204 bytes)$18.00
2 Silver Leaf 25 sheets. Thin, great for burning off for special effects.


silverleaf.jpg (32970 bytes)$12.00
3 Gold Leaf 25 sheets. goldleaf.jpg (42141 bytes)$27.00
4 Moongold Leaf 25 sheets. Combination of Silver, gold and Paladium.   moongold.jpg (36101 bytes)$32.00
5 Paladium 25 sheets. $50.00
6 Copper Leaf 25 sheets. $9.00